The Ins and Outs of Manufacturing Cleaning

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Homes are not the only ones needing cleaning services. Commercial establishments and offices often engage a cleaning company for their facility and support needs. Some companies, however, specialize in manufacturing cleaning, and their clients include original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and companies in the military, medical, transportation and food processing industries.

Manufacturing cleaning services vary from one industry to another. Some are fairly general in nature, such as janitorial services, pest control and grounds maintenance. Most industrial clients, however, will contract a company that can handle the specific needs for them.

For instance, medical buildings, medical laboratories, healthcare facilities, and doctors’ offices need not just cleaning but sanitation as well. This includes disinfection of work surfaces, equipment and proper disposal of medical waste. In fact, the medical industry has standards against which the quality of a cleaning service is measured and assessed.

Food processing companies are constantly being assessed for compliance with food safety regulations. By implementing cleaning programs customized for the client, a company hired to clean can help ensure that industry standards are followed. Some examples of services used in the food industry are hydroblasting (high pressure cleaning for food processing equipment), CO2 cleaning (for removing organic contaminants) and mold remediation (assessment, clean-up and removal of mold).

The transportation industry clients include airports, train / railway stations, bus stations, ports and transportation manufacturers, such as car makers. Most clients use a cleaning company for facility maintenance. This includes exterior, interior, and equipment cleaning.

Transport manufacturers, such as car makers, on the other hand, have more specialized needs. This includes paint and coating systems management, filter management and coatings removal / paint stripping. For instance, a car manufacturer might contract a company to clean and to solve a problem with the maintenance of its paint line system and components.

Aerospace and defense product manufacturing are high security and technical industries. But even these require reliable cleaning services for the maintenance of their facilities and equipment. With this, staff can concentrate on business without worrying about disruptions in their processes due to ill-maintained equipment or facilities that do not meet work environment and safety regulations.

Manufacturing cleaning is a specialized service for commercial and industrial clients. The qualities of a good cleaning company include the ability to assess the client’s situation and recommend a strategy that meets the requirements using skilled staff and appropriate equipment and materials for cleaning. The strategy should also meet industry regulations and standards that apply to the client.


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